Monday, October 29, 2012

Rape is something "God intended."

One often wonders how supposedly educated people ccan make such stupid statements. Yet when religion comes to play, they do. "Rape is something "God intended" is just the latest in an on-going deluge of stupidity spewed from government leaders,and why neither men nor politicians should have any say of a woman's body.  

As many of you may know, Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock has said that pregnancy caused by rape is something "God intended" and not a situation that justifies an abortion, roiling a tight race less than two weeks before the election.

Perhaps if he were face down being abused he'd have another view.  And what kind of mother would she be to the child of the man who raped her?  

It makes me wonder if he -- and all those through the centuries that use God as a shield for their opinions -- do so because they lack the courage to stand behind their statements and be responsible for them in the absence of some righteous claim of divinity. 

Its the 21st Century people; haven't we progressed at all? From the Christians on  the extreme right to the fanatical Orthodox Jews and Muslims, they all seem to miss the point: God doesn't need you as a soldier in some mythical war that you've conjured up in your head.  God, the creator of all things, can do whatever He chooses. So unless you believe that God is some masochistic and twisted deity, what possible  reason would God "intend" rape?  

Would you as a parent "intend" rape of your daughter? Would you as a parent want your children to war with each other out of loyalty to them?  Of course not, so how can God be any less compassionate?

From pat Robertson believing that the illness of the Prime Mister of of Israel was caused by God's wrath for pulling out of the Gaza Strip -- Mr. Robertson said, ¨God considers this land to be his --,¨to Jihadists, to the senate of the U.S.A., they're out there, twisted and confused souls who should not be serving in public office.  

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