Monday, April 30, 2012

GOP Doing What They Do

Seems a bit ridiculous for the GOP to be crying foul. But blaming others seems to be their M.O. In their most recent crying jag, they're upset about obama reminding people that the GOP was wrong when they claimed that he'd never be able to take on Bin Laden -- that he said he'd go after bin Laden, that he found him, and made a hard choice to kill him.  

The Huffington Post columnist Jon Ward wants us to believe that the president is engaging in shameless politicizing.  Hmm, seems a bit hypocritical to me.

Their guy gets us in debt blowing billions on a BS war, so they now claim we need to be fiscally responsible; their guy oversees the second worst financial meltdown in our history, and they blame Obama for not fixing their mess fast enough; their guy fails to get bin Laden (and they blast Obama in '08 as not having the mettle to take on bin Laden) and when he proves them wrong they lash out.  

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