Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Should We Capitalize on the Death of Bin Ladin?

Osama Bin Ladin was an enemy of the U.S.A., not because he had a different  ideology, but because he was willing to use force against U.S. citizens to make his point.  But ...

The product of the U.S. military complex, we trained, supported and ultimately created this ally turned enemy. So when he was killed by a team of Navy Seals, we all rejoiced, and there is nothing wrong with breathing a sigh of relief that the man is gone.  

However, the idea that one of the former Seals is offering a re-creation of the raid that killed Bin Ladin to any American that wants to pay $325 for the privilege to be part of it, is in really bad taste.  

To kill an enemy is one thing; to gloat over it and replay it -- for money no less -- over and over is the worst example of free capitalism.  Because with freedom comes responsibility, compassion and plan common sense.  

This new Osama thrill ride portrays the worst in human behavior, and mob mentality.     

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